Bathroom - October 22, 2020

Here’s how to get your hands on those hard-to-find cleaning supplies – WCPO

CINCINNATI — They have become the Holy Grail of cleaning supplies this pandemic year: Lysol and Clorox wipes. Trying to find them is often an exercise in futility.

Throw in Windex spray, Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner, and Formula 409, and they round out the list of popular disinfecting products that are nearly impossible to find in stores these days.

Coleman Henderson, owner of the Spring Clean Company in Walnut Hills, said he often has to tell homeowners he can’t come out that week because of disinfectant shortages.

“I have to postpone jobs because I can’t get cleaning supplies.” Henderson said.

You can sometimes find these items for sale on Amazon (from third-party sellers) or eBay, but you may have to pay two to three times the retail price, if you can find them at all.

“People are really struggling right now, ” said Grace Brombach, of the consumer watchdog group U.S. PIRG. “The last thing that they need to worry about is going online and finding the products that they really need to keep themselves safe at ridiculous prices.”

National brands remain in short supply

Stan Beck, owner of Beck’s Hardware in Walnut Hills, said that even though national brands like Windex or Johnson are hard to find, off-brand products are often just as good.

“This is a basic product, like Windex, just a different brand,” he said, pointing to a shelf of Brillo window cleaner in his store. Brillo? Yes,

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