Bathroom - October 21, 2020

How to Remove Streaks from Your Bathtub – Yahoo Lifestyle

Haris Kenjar

It’s frustrating, but common—over time, streaks appear down the sides of your bathtub or on your shower surround. These marks, which are caused by a compound of various oils, soaps, and build up, can be unsightly and keep your tub from looking clean. Fortunately, Jenna Arkin, the Vice President of Innovation at ECOS, has some advice that can help you remove them from your tub for good.

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Reasons and Removal

“Natural body oils and soils that have been washed away from the skin with soap” are the culprits behind those streaks, explains Arkin. Ceramic tubs are especially prone to these unsightly marks; they attract soap molecules, which can easily get stuck to your tub, our pro notes. To remove them, Arkin suggests using a product that has a gentle scrubbing action and will form “a scrubbing layer” that can pick up stuck-on stains, ensuring that they rinse away down the drain. For stubborn spots, a little elbow grease—and a more abrasive tool, like a scrub brush—may do the trick.


Along with oils and soap scum, hard water stains also contribute to streaks; they can accumulate

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