Cleaning - October 21, 2020

EPA expands list of coronavirus cleaning products – WCVB Boston

EPA expands list of coronavirus cleaning products

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I think it is fair to say in 2020 with the spread of the coronavirus, we’ve been practicing diligent hygiene, wearing masks, washing hands, keeping social distance, etcetera. But have you considered that in some cases, what’s inside your home could be making you sick? In fact, there’s one item you’ve most probably been neglecting. That could be the culprit behind some serious health issues, including coronavirus. I’m talking about your H B A C filters, Yahoo reports. Indoor air filters can Harper many types of harmful bacteria and fungi, pathogens that can be redistributed into your home environment if your filters are in cleaned frequently. In fact, an off cited COVITZ study released by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention found that one air conditioned restaurant in China spread cova to three families. Covert aside, dirty HBC filters are a serious health risk. H V, a c dot com says a dirty air filter can contribute to immediate symptoms like headaches, itchy eyes or throat and

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