News - October 17, 2020

Proclamation on National Forest Products Week, 2020 –

Our Nation’s magnificent forests are a source of commerce, recreation, and pride for all Americans.  America’s woodlands are capable of producing a myriad of products and materials that bolster our economy, improve our daily lives, supply our environment with clean air, and provide countless Americans an escape to hike and relax in a tranquil and picturesque setting.  During National Forest Products Week, we appreciate the essential role forests and forest products play in our livelihood and prosperity, and we renew our commitment to maintaining these treasured woodlands for future generations.

The forest industry adds nearly $300 billion annually to our Gross Domestic Product and employs almost one million Americans.  To ensure this sector of our economy continues to flourish, my Administration is strengthening markets for wood products and incentivizing innovative manufacturing techniques.  As a result of these efforts, the Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service sold 3.3 billion board feet of timber from National Forests in fiscal year 2019 — the highest output since 1997.

In addition to bolstering rural economies, our foresters use science-based forest management practices in order to promote forest health and reduce wildfire risk.  Over the past several months, our country has been particularly reminded of how devastating wildfires and natural disasters can be to our way of life and our economy.  Throughout the western United States, wildfires have scorched and destroyed millions of acres of forest, and as a result of Hurricane Laura, the timber industry suffered an estimated $1.1 billion economic loss.  This devastation has placed additional burdens on an essential industry

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