News - October 17, 2020

KOVELS: Toy makers get inspiration from household items – Maryville Daily Times

Children’s toys are often miniature copies of full-sized objects in the house. They like to imitate Mom and Dad’s work. A recent Bertoia auction sold the toy icebox with its original pristine box for $1,440. The Gurney toy refrigerator made by Arcade is only 5 1/2 inches high. It is a copy of a 1840s icebox. Although the first refrigeration method was patented in 1809, the icebox for home use dates from the 1840s. The toy has a square door on the right side that covered the compartment that held a block of ice, which was delivered by an iceman in a horse-drawn wagon. Food was kept in the large compartment, and the small section on the right is where the water from the melting ice was collected and discarded each day. A modern electric refrigerator was made by General Electric Co. in 1927. It is named for the

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