Bathroom - October 17, 2020

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I recently received a starter kit of good green cleaner, which included four 32-ounce spray bottles that each come with a recyclable refill pod and refill sets. The cleaning pod refills are colored to correspond with the spray nozzle for each cleaning solution. The pink bottle and solution is bathroom tub and tile cleaner, the blue bottle and solution is glass and multi-surface cleaner, the yellow bottle and solution is kitchen cleaner and degreaser and the green bottle and solution is odor eliminator and all-purpose cleaner.

I immediately used the kitchen cleaner on my stovetop that had been gummed and crusted with the tell-tale signs of the week’s dinners. (Yes, I said week — I’m busy!) With my sensitive nose, I was pleased that the odor was not overwhelming. I sprayed the stovetop and went about other tasks to let it sit. It little to no scrubbing to remove the gunk that had accumulated.

After I completed the kitchen, I moved to the bathroom that is located just off the kitchen. I should mention that how this system works. The cleaning pod is screwed onto the top of the bottle and in doing so, it opens the pod and dispenses the solution into the bottle. Fill the bottle with water, connect the sprayer and give it

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