Cleaning - October 16, 2020

This Is the One Cleaning Product You Need in Your House This Year – Yahoo Lifestyle


2020 Saw The Crowning Of The Big Bag. Long May She Reign.

It wasn’t that long ago that people were packing their credit cards and IDs into empty gum packets rather than wallets because they wouldn’t fit in their micro bags. Keys were removed from keychains and lips were left bare because lipstick couldn’t fit inside a Jacquemus Le Petit Chiquito bag. While an inconvenience, it wasn’t reason enough to not participate in a popular trend. After all, we didn’t need face masks, latex gloves, hand sanitizer, and hand lotion (to combat the effects of the sanitizer and incessant hand washing) with us at all times, nor were we spending all of our time outdoors, meaning that a picnic blanket, snacks, water, and wine (yes, both) were in order. Our limited handbag space was a sign of the simple, carefree way of life. Then COVID-19 took hold. Now, leaving the house alongside most everything you own is commonplace. And for that, you need a really, really big bag.  As is their job, fashion designers caught onto our newfound need for increased square footage pretty quickly. During fashion month, which started in September in New York (mostly online) and ended in October in Paris (primarily in-person), in addition to face coverings, elevated loungewear, gloves, and end-of-the-world-inspired collections, many designers sent models carrying larger-than-life

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