Laundry - October 16, 2020

Blueland and Reformation have created an eco-friendly home cleaning li – Fast Company

The Los Angeles brand has teamed up with cleaning startup Blueland to create a set of home cleaning products free of single-use plastic, which is available on both brands’ websites. The collection, which costs $50, includes dish powder, multi-surface spray, hand soap, and laundry tablets. Reformation’s designers created the minimalist bottles, and the brands collaborated to create a new fragrance for the line, called Pretty Earthy, with notes of fig tree.

[Multi-Surface Cleaner Photo: courtesy Reformation]

It’s an interesting collaboration for Reformation, which has historically partnered with other fashion brands, like New Balance and Patagonia. But in its efforts to reduce the fashion industry’s impact on the planet, Reformation is heavily focused on what happens to clothes after the customer buys them. Traditional laundry products tend to be both water and carbon intensive, and often involves lots of plastic. By contrast, this laundry system consists of a tin along with forty tablets which you throw into the load of laundry. Blueland ships refills packs for $14 that come in paper packaging, so there is no plastic used at any stage.

[Laundry Tin and Tablets Photo: courtesy Reformation]

Reformation has focused on helping customers understand

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