Cleaning - September 14, 2020

Seventh Generation has a new line of plastic-free cleaning products – Fast Company

It’s a sad but true fact: When you clean your home, you often trash the planet. Many cleaners are full of toxic chemicals that are dangerous to both humans and the environment. And there’s the plastic involved: spray bottles, squeeze bottles, pump bottles, and more.

Thankfully, there’s a growing group of nontoxic cleaning brands that are rethinking how to package household products with the environment in mind. Upstart companies like Cleancult and Blueland sell formulas that use tablet forms of nontoxic cleaners, refillable bottles, and avoid single-use plastics. And now, one of the most trusted eco-friendly cleaning brands has created a nontoxic home cleaning arsenal that forgoes all plastics.

[Photo: courtesy Grove Collective]

Seventh Generation’s Zero Plastic line is launching with six household cleaners that are completely biodegradable, EPA Safer Choice-certified, and packaged completely free of all plastics. The line is exclusively available through members-only online retailer Grove Collaborative, which sells eco-friendlier cleaning products. (FYI: Grove membership is free, but when you place your first order, the company defaults to a monthly recurring shipment model. You can always customize your orders, pause any month, or simply opt out of auto-shipments entirely.)

“What we realized is that we really need to take action and move ourselves as a business away from plastic, because as good as the

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