News - March 21, 2020

Expired household items can be used for different uses –

Two of the items that coupon shoppers often get free or very inexpensively are toothpaste and hand-wash dish detergent. I believe that toothpaste is the one item that you can consistently eliminate from your household budget if you’re an effective couponer! Anytime toothpaste goes on sale for $1 and there is a $1 coupon available, I’ll pick it up for free and add it to my pantry shelves.

Take advantage of sales like these often enough, and you may find that you’ve accumulated more tubes of toothpaste than you may likely use. Your local food pantry or food bank is a great place to donate any extras, but if you have toothpaste nearing its expiration date that you aren’t likely to use or give away, you might be surprised at some of the other things it is useful for.

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