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How Flooring Products Installation Impacts the Life of Floors | Cleaning & Maintenance Management – CMM

In the flooring industry, the correct installation of products is critical for performance and appearance. The word “workmanship” is used in all floorcovering product installations. However, the word “craftsmanship” is usually associated with the description of the finished appearance of hard- surface products like wood, tile, or marble, especially in the area of patterns and designs.

Another way to explain the difference is this: Workmanship is the “how” of performing a task, and craftsmanship is “why” it is done a specific way.


Before a completed project is labeled with the word craftsmanship, the workmanship is reviewed. Workmanship is labeled as poor, bad, good, satisfactory, expert, or excellent, along with a number of other adjectives.

Flooring Products Installation

LVT plank separation, caused by installation errors, allows soil and drywall dust to enter.

Flooring Installation Products

Exterior patio with tile surface damaged by high-psi pressure cleaning that caused efflorescence of concrete and setting materials

Flooring Installation Products

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